What’s been cooking in 2015?

koningsdag 2015
orange tompoucen

A lot has been cooking in the world over the past year. Overcooking one might say in certain situations.
For my personal situation some months were too bland, other too spicy (yes this is a blog about e.g. food so I might as well throw in some metaphors). I choose to learn from the less pleasant things and to remember the many good and funny situations spent with friends and family. Here are some memorable moments:

My London friends gave good advice about careers, creativity and lifelong learning while I stayed with them during a spring weekend. We visited a nice address for eating scones and other treats in a lovely green setting: Petersham nurseries.

A great event this spring was the Dutch king’s visit to Dordrecht, the city that was my home for a large part of 2015. I enjoyed typical pastry from Holland called ‘Tompouce’with family. Bakers made orange tompoucen for the occasion (orange being the colour of the Dutch monarchy).

A funny moment was the éclair event: I wanted to purchase some pastry while on my way to the family. But I arrived on a late sunday afternoon and noticed that the local baker was already closed. Suddenly I saw one of the baker’s employees (who is a family friend) wave at me as she was about to go home. I said hello and told her I should have arrived earlier to get some éclairs. She answered: no problem, I’ll re-open the bakery so you can buy them. It’s great when people go the extra mile, especially when sugar is involved. If you read this: thanks Mrs A!
* an éclair is a type of French pastry

Surely, more coffee posts shall appear in 2016. Why? While drinking  mocca in a coffee bar and finishing this post I can spot three employees during a ‘coffee tasting’ session. They are sipping from cute little cups. On their table stands a camping gasfire with a small moka espresso maker. The scene looked so cosy. This is why I enjoy writing about coffee and desserts.




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