Printen from Aachen

Printen from Aachen
Printen from Aachen

‘Summer is icumen in’, I thought two weeks ago, while leaving on a last-minute daytrip to the city of Aachen (West Germany).
My work week had been hectic and I missed making daytrips enormously. It takes a long time travelling from my village to other destinations but the city of Aachen seemed within scope.
In this blogpost I’ll concentrate on a local treat called Printen.

Printen is an artisanal biscuit, made with spices (e.g. aniseed, cloves, cardamom) and lumps of brown sugar. It exists in several versions: soft (Weichprinten) or hard (Hartprinten) with chocolate, almonds or sugarcoated. Ofcourse I did some serious research and sampled several versions. I bought a large slice of soft, sugar coated Printen at Klein, because they were so generous with their samples. By now it must be obvious to you that I’m quite easy to lure with sugary treats. Well, this one is definitely worth it.

Klein, Krämerstraße 12, 52062 Aachen, Germany



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