Culinary Co-workers

Banana needs chocolate
Banana needs chocolate

First day on the job, six months ago. I told my new colleagues about my plans to cut back on chocolate and desserts. They started laughing and one of them said “If you’re trying to cut back on sweets you chose the wrong team”. We all had a laugh, the ice was broken.

I still enjoy working in the same team, even though I eat less desserts (they forgive me, sort of). Most in the team love food – as you’ve guessed by now – and we regularly discuss it.
Colleague A and me have a short conversation about our dinner plans each day. She meticulously describes which dish she’ll consume and how to prepare it. Especially the latter description is usually mouthwatering. Somewhat like Nigella Lawson’s cooking programme.

So here’s a taste of culinary indulgence: Banana in the oven.
You simply peel a ripe banana and place it on an ovendish with bits of chocolate on top. Then you sprinkle it with sugar! I don’t know how long it’s supposed to stay in the oven, or the exact temperature (I recommend 150 C°max).You can watch the sugar and the chocolate melt, and see the banana get mushy. If that isn’t a sight to die for…

The Marshmellow files

Do you recognize that moment during lunchtime when you get a bit bored by your usual sandwiches? Then one of your colleagues suggests a silly idea and you answer “hey, why not?”

The ‘silly idea’ was to put a marshmellow in the microwave for 20 seconds. A few of us argued with colleague B that this was not a good idea as the Marshmellow would seriously explode. My tastebuds and curiosity were triggered though, and I decided to test the idea. The solution is to place the treat on a small plate and leave it in the microwave (on medium power!)for about 3 seconds. It will pop, but so slightly that nothing gets messy. You will enjoy melted chocolate and semi fluid white marshmellow.
Fun and easy!


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