Time for Healthy Snacks: Raw Bite Review


Raw Bite’s colourful fruit and nut bars caught my attention in the supermarket a few weeks ago. So I bought the lavender one called Vanilla Berries. It tastes and smells so sweet and qualifies as a healthy snack, mmm… We’ve got ourselves a win-win situation here. I was planning on having healthier snacks anyway and decided I want to write a few food reviews. These ideas gave birth to a fruit snack haul which I  describe below.

Raw bites offers 8 varieties of fruit bars in happy, sweet colours. They are made with fruit such as dates, (berries), raisins… as well as nuts such as almonds, cashews…
The specific combination of ingredients will be different according to the type of bar: e.g. the orange cashew bar will contain more cashew nuts than for instance the vanilla berries bar. The company that makes these delicious treats is based in Denmark. So this is another product for my scandinavian collection.

My three favourites are :

Spice Lime: a daring combination of chili pepper, ginger and lime. Try this one for breakfast and you’ll have a buzzing start of the day.

Vanilla Berries: lavender packaging, sweet vanilla, mmm.. what else does a girl need…

Apple Cinnamon: The winter is not quite over yet, so let’s indulge in some warmth and sweetness

Good to know: these buddies are free from added sugar, the dates make them taste sweet. They are free from animal products, so if you’re vegan try ’em out. I shared a bar with my colleague who’s aiming to go gluten free, so are the bars by the way.
I bought the bars at a small Carrefour supermarket in Brussels. There they’re sold for € 1,95 a piece, which according to me is a very reasonable price, given the high quality and organic ingredients.

*wait a minute, you wrote that there are 8 varieties, but you’ve only photographed 5. Well, I’m not denying that…I ate the other ones!

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