Polish Pastry & other good food

The autumn leaves are plentiful, so are the opportunities to wrap oneself in a warm blanket and to ‘bond’ with the fireplace (from a safe distance ofcourse). And…to indulge in comfort food. Which reminds me of a holiday in Poland earlier this year: Polish pastry and food is also just right to satisfy autumnal food cravings.



(pronounced somewhere along the lines of drosjchoevka).

This is the first pastry I sampled in Warsaw. As you can tell from the picture, it looks like donut dough covered in sugar glaze. A sugary treat that is not too greasy, simple but tasty.


This pastry tastes a bit like a beignet (deepfried pastry). Pączki pastries are round and exist in several sizes. You can eat (e.g.) versions that are filled with marmelade or Pączki covered in sugar glaze. I tried the mini version at A. Blikle, a well known chain of patissiers in Poland.

Smoked Cheese

You like things with a twist and cheese shouldn’t taste boring: then try some smoked cheese. I sampled a smoked mozarella ball from the supermarket, it tastes good in a salad or in a sandwich. I don’t recommend seasoning because its taste is already quite pronounced.


When visiting Poland or reading about its culinary offers this is one of the first dishes you will notice. Pierogi are made of dough, filled with your choice of ingredient, folded in two and then fried. Again, a dish that is simple and which satisfies your hunger efficiently. I tasted the Pierogi ruskie (with cheese filling), served with sour cream. Pierogi with meat or sweet pierogi with red fruit,… are also an option.



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