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Welcome to Safframé : my online portfolio of interviews and articles about career paths.

Safframé was founded in 2015 under the name Aypau as a food/coffee culture/travel and career blog. This project was and is very dear to me, a selection of my favourite articles is still available under the lifestyle menu.

At the beginning of 2022 I decided to press the reset button – not by getting a gym subscription ;) – rather by focusing on the medium that covers several interests : interviews. I will publish articles about the workforce and career paths as well.

This new focus makes so much sense given my interest in biographies, past experience in HR and over ninety career and educational path interviews in 2021 with young and older professionals from various continents.

I’m a Belgian-Senegalese writer living near Brussels. Holland was my home for a while and I shortly experienced Berlin life as well. These experiences were both fulfilling and rich. The culture in Holland made it easier for me to connect with people, while Berlin taught me to be more cool and creative.

Dutch (Nederlands) is my native language although most articles on this platform are written in English. I practice interview acrobacy : meaning it’s possible to interview someone in French, write the answers down in Dutch, and publish it in Dutch or English #itscomplicated #belgianwriter #moeilijkgaatook

You’re welcome,