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Welcome to Safframé, a blog about food, coffee culture, travel stories and articles about career paths.
Whether you are reading about a tiny house vacation in rural Bavaria, a road trip in Iceland or about Parisian lifestyle and croissants, all posts are the result of my personal experience.

This blog was founded in 2015 under the name Aypau. After completing a communications internship in Holland having an online portfolio seemed  practical. Initially I started writing coffee bar reviews and soon branched out to other topics that are a passion too. Most articles are published in English to reach an international audience, some blogposts are in my native language Dutch.

The name Safframé is a combination of saffron: a vibrantly coloured spice that is cherished all over the world + my first name Arame. My name is regularly mispronounced as Aramé with an accent, after many years I now see the humour in that and decided to use it in Safframé as a brand name.

Now that you know about the pronunciation of my name I shall tell you about the person behind Safframé:
I’m a Belgian-Senegalese writer and career advisor-facilitator living in Belgium, I have also lived in Holland and Germany (Berlin).
It is said that ‘the past is a different country’ and as someone who is curious about other cultures and travelling, I majored in history (which allows me to time travel on paper). I took an introduction barista course in 2019 to learn about coffee in detail, which comes in handy when writing about this lovely beverage.
When I’m not consuming or fawning over baked goods you can occasionally spot me taking walks in the forest, admiring vintage fashion and very occasionally headbangin’ :) 
Should you have any questions you can message me through the contact page or via instagram @safframe_

*articles about the work place are available through LinkedIn since 2019