Angélique from Paris

Salon de thé Angélique
Salon de thé Angélique

Angélique is a great comfort when you need a break from wandering around Paris with frozen hands and feet. It is what the French call a ‘salon de thé’, or as we would say: a tearoom.
Angélique is small but cozy and offers an impressively large selection of pastry such as sablés, Saint-Marc, tour au trésor (chocolate walhalla). They also serve warm lunch such as quiches and rice dishes.
I had an almond croissant and believe me: it’s not just ‘a croissant’. The pastry’s taste is very rich, it’s a perfect companion for my ‘café crème’ or latte.
The interior looks classic or vintage, like time stood still in the salon de thé, which is very much part of its charm. It’s run by a dedicated middle-aged couple. Angélique is easily accessible by public transport


Angélique Chiba – Pâtissier Salon de Thé
28 Rue Vignon
75009 Paris
*nearby métro Madeleine (which is coincidentally also the name of a biscuit)

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